representative and purchasing office for foreign customers
in the textile industry.

h.c.p. bickler mair

services of excellence since 1950
Long experience, extensive knowledge of the market.
The company is a synergistic group in the industry.
underwear & socks
services of excellence since 1950

Main sectors we operate in







Long Experience

Thanks to the long experience and the vast knowledge of the market, the company has created a synergistic group in the sector, that today is the leader in the world in the field of underwear and socks.

Private labels

We provide services not only to brands known as SERGIO TACCHINI, PIERRE GARDIN, KAPPA and others, but also to private brands.

Products' Sourcing

Thanks to its specialized and multilingual staff, BICKLER MAIR deals with brokering between customers and suppliers, products- and production sourcing.

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